Special Needs Parenting - a climb steeper than Everest

But with the right support sherpa, no peak is too high

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Transforming parenting challenges into shared victory with the help of Sherpas

Embrace the expertise of our AI Sherpas in Speech, OT, Behavior, and Nutrition, each equipped with a wealth of domain-specific knowledge. Feel free to ask them anything about your child's needs — they're here to provide you with answers, guidance, and support every step of the way.

Topics - Challenges, Skills, Goals

Customize your child's development path with skills and goals tailored to your child's needs

Add skills, goals, and challenges yet to be mastered and embark on a targeted developmental journey. Our personalized AI Sherpas, deeply informed about your child's unique condition, are here to assist you in nurturing and achieving these milestones.


Track daily progress effortlessly with journal of important updates

Regular tracking in the journal offers a clearer view of your child's challenges, goals, and skills. Based on this data, our Sherpa will analyze trends and provide insightful feedback, helping you understand and navigate your child’s developmental journey more effectively.

Meet your Speech Sherpa, Jenny

I'm here to guide you through the nuances of speech and language development tailored to your child. From IEP specifics to any other queries, I provide insights in easy-to-understand terms, free from jargon. My goal is to make speech therapy concepts accessible and relatable, simplifying your journey every step of the way.

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Meet your OT Sherpa, Emma

I’m here to delve into your child’s physical, sensory, and cognitive development needs. Whether it’s addressing specific queries or exploring concerns, I tailor my guidance to your child’s context. Rely on my expertise for professional advice and customized responses, designed to support and enhance your child’s occupational therapy journey.

Meet your Behavior Sherpa, Mia

Dedicated to understanding your child's behavioral patterns and developmental needs, I'm here to navigate through any concerns or questions you might have. With a focus on context-driven solutions, like Functional Behavior Analysis for ABC data, I offer expert advice and personalized strategies to support your child's behavioral growth and well-being.

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What parents say about us

“Absolutely loved it. It is so amazing how quickly I can sign up, upload IEP for my kiddo and start asking questions which I had to ask his teachers and therapists and wait for days to get any response. I can now ask as many time as I want and whenever I need.”

Jennifer Wachtel

“I had been maintaining the daily journal in my iPhone's notes app before I started using this app. It is pure magic how the app gives me the insights on my child which I never thought about. I appreciate the feedback to improve some of the daily challenges.”

Jaheim Philip

“Excellent app! Super intuitive and I am in love of Sheraps. Thank you for building this.”

Cody Fisher